Hasiru Dala Innovations offers services that keep the city clean and green.   Our franchisees, wastepickers and employees are trained professional service providers in waste management, composting and gardening.

Our services include:

Total Waste Management services provide complete end-to-end solution to the waste management problem of bulk generators (any apartment/villa complex with more than 50 households or any establishment creating over 10 kg of waste a day) including collection and transportation of segregated waste to eco-friendly destinations, design and operations of in-situ composting or operations of on-site bio-gas plants.
Event Waste Management services focus on making large events like weddings, corporate events, parties an eco-friendly one.  We work with the hosts, the decorators and the caterers on how to plan for reduced waste, planned segregation of waste, use of recyclable material and the collection and transport of the segregated waste.  

Urban Gardening services include design, set-up and periodic maintenance of terrace, house-yard or community gardens. We also deliver ad-hoc services for de-weeding, re-potting, soil enrichment etc. are also available. Products like seeds, support structures, pots and jute grow bags are also available.